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5 Parts of Your Home to Reinforce

Finding the best ways to protect your home against extreme weather events can often be difficult, depending on the location of the residence. There are various factors to consider when reinforcing your home, ranging from building codes to roof strength. Implementing the recommendations below will result in a more robust home with enhanced safety and comfort.


The first thing to consider when reinforcing your home is the roof. Using weather-resistant materials, such as metal roofing or impact-resistant shingles, is an excellent way to ensure your roof’s structure can withstand high winds and potential damage from debris. Proper roof ventilation prevents heat and moisture from accumulating in the attic space. Adequate ventilation helps to avert issues like the formation of ice dams and mold growth. Conducting a thorough roof inspection will certify the health of your roof’s frame; trusses and rafters that have experienced leaking are a severe concern for your overall safety.

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Windows & Doors

Reinforcing the windows and doors of your residence is critical to ensure bad weather stays out of the home. Windows come in various materials with varying degrees of strength and resistance. For homeowners located in areas that experience high volumes of wind, shatter-proof windows and hurricane panels will help meet the required building codes. Sliding doors should include security bars or braces to help prevent them from being forced open, even if the lock is damaged. Securing door hinges with long, heavy-duty screws for increased protection against extreme weather and burglars. Windows and doors are essential, but they’re also accessible entrances for potential intruders. Fortify these parts of your home to ensure your residence is well-protected from the unknown.

Siding & Exterior Walls

Your siding protects your home from the elements, preventing rain, snow, and wind from seeping into the home. Utilize durable materials, like metal or fiber cement, to increase the efficiency of your siding and improve insulation in the home. Exterior walls are the first line of defense against harsh weather, so it’s essential to reinforce these as well. Barriers added during construction help prevent additional water seepage from heavy rain. Exterior walls function like a shell for buildings and assist with keeping building materials dry. Adding barriers to your walls improves overall durability, reduces maintenance costs, and prevents mold and mildew.

Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are essential to preserving a dry basement and foundation. They help to remove large amounts of water that collect on the roof and transfer it away from the base of your home. Having correctly installed gutters and keeping them clean is the most effective method for preventing water damage. Still, homeowners who live on a slanted property can purchase gutter extensions to help direct the water far away from the foundation.

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Basements are especially prone to damage caused by severe floods. There are various options to explore when looking at basement additions; residents living in high-flood zones should consider installing a sump pump to help with excess water. You can use sealants on walls and floors to prevent water infiltration. Reinforcing the structural integrity of a basement is another process that can help you maintain a properly functioning basement and crawlspaces; adding additional support through techniques like wall bracing, underpinning, and steel beam installations will strengthen their durability.

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