Home Designs & Plans: Fortified Engineering.

Quite Simply… Stronger Home Designs & Plans.

Fortified Home Engineering.

Quite Simply… Stronger Home Designs & Plans.

Home Designs & Plans: Structural & Windstorm Engineering.

When you want home designs and plans to build or renovate, it’s essential to use an engineering firm that understands that home designs and plans need to consider local weather conditions. Severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, freezing weather, and hail cause devastation to homes and structures. Why take a chance?

Aran & Franklin Engineering is a leading windstorm and structural engineering firm serving the Gulf Coast since 1998.

The ‘Last House Standing’ on the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas after Hurricane Ike demonstrates the success of stronger Home Designs & Plans engineering by Aran + Franklin engineers.

In the wake of Hurricane Ike, this home became the perfect example of why windstorm design is essential. Despite an enormous storm surge, the house was literally the last house standing. It had superficial exterior damage, and significant water damage inside but remained structurally sound.

Home Designs & Plans

Hurricane Ike – Last House Standing | Gilchrist, Texas

Last House Standing | Home Designs & Plans

High Expectations for Your New Home? Raise Your Level of Engineering Specifications.

  • Discover the higher standard in engineering with meticulous, FORTIFIED home designs.
  • Aran + Franklin Engineering provides new home construction designs and plans to withstand extreme weather.

  • The FORTIFIED construction method is a higher standard than most building codes to help protect your home against severe weather.
  • Aran + Franklin works with FORTIFIED Home Contractors to help ensure your home is strong enough to resist natural perils.


Homes fortified for extreme weather start with Aran + Franklin Engineering. Our structural engineers have a vast knowledge of construction processes and building materials and design residential and commercial structures with safety at the forefront. A+F creates detailed plans and works with contractors to verify designs are precisely executed. Once the building is complete, a thorough inspection is done. Plus, they are easy to contact!


Aran + Franklin offers a comprehensive range of services to precisely produce the infrastructure project support you need, whether it is a short-term or long-term project.


Aran + Franklin Engineering offers post-storm structural inspections and leads rebuilding and recovery efforts.


Are you concerned about the safety and structural integrity of your home? Are you planning to buy a new home or sell your existing place? Does storm or hurricane damage concern you? Aran + Franklin will ensure that your home is structurally sound with a professional inspection.

Building a New Home or Remodeling?

4 Reasons to Choose Aran + Franklin Engineering


Satisfied Clients

Aran + Franklin takes all projects very seriously regardless of size and scope. Our client commitment is simple. We are easy to contact, respond quickly to calls and emails, and proactively keep clients informed throughout the process.

25+ Years

Windstorm Engineering Experience

For over 25 years, Aran & Franklin Engineering Inc. has been a leading windstorm and structural engineering firm serving the Gulf Coast.

7 States

Serving the Gulf and East Coasts

Licensed in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Texas, we are prepared to work with you on any sized job, from replacing a door to building new houses and commercial buildings.

10 Plans

Pre-Engineered Home Plans

Save time and money by choosing from ten custom pre-engineered home plans! Available in wood and CMU construction!

Home Designs & Plans
A Better Way to Build

Local & State Building Code Expertise for Home Design Engineering

We know both local and state building codes. Our team of experts understands the importance of getting your building inspection approved the first time. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust our team of engineering specialists to design your new home or home reconstruction project flawlessly.

Our meticulous drawings provide contractors with the details required to build homes that meet or surpass local and state building codes, so they pass the final inspection.

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Our team is experienced in helping clients design and build their FORTIFIED home. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is a success.