Civil Engineering – Maximize Your ROI

With over 30 years of collective experience across multiple states, Aran + Franklin Civil Engineering can help you get the most out of your project site

Providing detailed Site Plans, Water and Sewer Line Plan and Profile drawings, Paving and Street Design, Drainage and Detention Plans, Utility Layouts, DOT Driveway and Drainage Permits, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, and more, A+F Civil Engineering can help you with your full civil plan set.

Civil Engineering
The Backbone of Modernization

A+F Civil Civil Engineering to Help Maximize Your Property

A+F Civil Civil Engineering to Help Maximize Your Property

Site Plans and Paving and Street Design can play a heavy role in what you can or cannot do with your site. Sometimes, it is the make-or-break point for a development. Our Civil Engineering team excels at helping you get the absolute most out of your property while still meeting all applicable codes and zoning ordinances. A+F Civil regularly finds additional usage out of our clients’ projects maximizing our clients’ ROI.

Engineering a Legacy of Innovation

As the engineer-of-record, we want the best outcome for you and your development project

Aran + Franklin is a family owned and operated company with decades of professional experience. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project.

A+F Civil treats each project as our very own. 

Drainage and Detention is one of the largest restrictions to the usable space for a project. A+F Civil works with various detention designs to meet project constraints such as earthen pond, retaining wall, split pond, tiered pond, pumped pond, and subterranean detention. A+F Civil has even been able to eliminate detention ponds altogether on some smaller projects through our creative design process.

Water and Sewer Line extensions are a necessary part of most developments. A+F Civil works with utility providers from all over to meet their individual standards and specifications for connecting to their infrastructure. It is also important to consider the financial impact of installation and long-term issues of maintenance on a utility design. Our clients and the long-term sustainability of the project are at the forefront of our designs.

Often, DOT permits require more documentation than municipal permits. Our A+F Civil team members have been working with DOT partners for years and bring this experience to the benefit of our clients and their projects.